Saturday, June 7, 2014

I am a Regressive.

I get disgusted by the whole PC thing.
I get even more disgusted with these new "progressives."
They fail to understand that not all change is "progress."

In the "good old days," it was unthinkable for a gentleman to be rude to a woman. We held doors, stood when they entered the room, and never used objectionable language in their presence (true gentlemen never used it anywhere.)
The louts who did those things - or worse - were dismissed as having no class, and in many circles, that caused shame.
Shame and humiliation can be powerful forces for maintaining a polite society.
When a man was guilty of assaulting a woman, not too many people would care if he was taken out behind the woodshed and given a lesson in "laying hands on people."
Few objected if a rapist was flat-out killed.

Enter the feminist movement, where a few loud-mouthed so-called "women" (sorry.... "womyn") demanded that we stop treating women with respect.
Women were called upon to treat men with active disdain and derision. We became the enemy.

Then there's the modern "the-criminal-is-a-victim-of-circumstance" liberal. Suddenly nobody is responsible for his crimes.
This is why you get a longer sentence for killing an elk than committing rape.
(A cop faces 6 years for killing an elk,
and a man who raped a 20 year-old girl got 30 days )

Nowadays, children get trophies just for being alive. They are not allowed to feel shame or humiliation (and thus, humility!) and they are taught that it is bad behavior to make others feel shame.
This is TERRIBLE for our society.
People SHOULD feel shame when they fail. This motivates them to succeed.
As a soldier and an aviation mechanic, when I fail, people can die. But according to liberals, my feelings are more important than those lives that depend on me - so nobody is allowed to make me ashamed of my failure or hurt my feelings.
Still wonder why I can't stand liberals and PC people?

We need to start ignoring the pansy liberals and start looking back to when people had manners and acted civilized.
That means wearing a hat. Properly.
That means that a T-shirt is underwear.
You don't go out in your underwear. You cover it. Even if it means keeping your shirt collar buttoned.
It means being courteous; Waiting your turn, letting ladies and the elderly go first through the door, and holding it for them.
It means using foreign phrases like "Please" and "Thank you."
It means NOT using foul language in the presence of women and the elderly, and preferably not at all.
It means treating service personnel as you would treat your parents.
It means treating your customers as you would treat your parents.

It means mocking and scorning the people who dress and act like idiots until they are ashamed to walk out of the house without at least looking in a mirror, and would die of humiliation if they got caught treating a stranger with anything less than common courtesy.

I think that if we could do this, the problem of sexual harassment and rape would be all the more shocking... due to its rarity.

These beliefs make me the opposite of "progressive."
I'm okay with being regressive.

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